drive out with the sun in your eyes

2014 tested my patience. That's the short story. The long story is, I had to come to terms with the worst parts of pet ownership. The vet costs, the sleep loss, the panic, the confusion, the sudden empty home, the lack of energy. The mind-numbing, stomachache-inducing, crippling anxiety. I've spent the better part of a year trying to... Continue Reading →


after all my plans melt into the sand

Every day is a blank slate. Not just Jan. 1. Not the first day of every month. Not your first day at a new job or in a new relationship. Every. Single. Day. And every hour, and minute, and second. We rely on tangible dates to kick-start the goals we fear we’ll never reach. We... Continue Reading →

by the finish line, I am drained

One thing I've learned over the years is that my pursuit for perfection goes well past the schoolroom and the office. It's also ever-present on the playing field, a place where competition is often welcome. Unfortunately, my adrenaline pushes me to battle through pain to conquer previous scores. In childhood, it landed me a few... Continue Reading →

everything looks perfect from far away

I work in an industry where I spend a majority of my time advising clients to "just write." "Get those ideas down on paper." "All that genius isn't helping anyone by swirling around in circles inside your head!" Ignoring the "genius" line, I should really be lecturing myself. As usual, my fear of doing something... Continue Reading →

you’re confident but not really sure

After taking a much-longer-than-intended hiatus, I'm finally making some noise with the obligatory oh-my-god-now-I'm-30 post. (Of course I am. I'm a millenial. Our entire problem-solving process is a mental Thought Catalog article.) So here I am, entering my fourth decade, wiser and more confident than I was 10 years before. My 20s were a blur... Continue Reading →

There comes a time for doing, and there comes a time for thinking. December has been the latter for most of us -- reflection about the previous 12 months, and contemplation about the 12 months ahead. As mentioned earlier, I'm going through a pretty dreamy post-graduation period, which has fallen on the cusp of the end... Continue Reading →

a combination of strong and lost

Finish thesis and get my master's degree? Check! Feel proud and accomplished and over the moon? In theory, yes. But I don't. The problem with perfectionism is you're never truly done. Every time you finish a goal, it feels unreal. Even if you've spent years working toward it. ESPECIALLY then. I feel a little like... Continue Reading →

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